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Oasis of Miracles is a Christian book shop, gift shop and cafe located at the Forum Shopping Centre in the beautiful city of Chester, England.

Oasis of Miracles is already becoming a coffee-break favourite with a growing number of shoppers, according to founder, evangelist Kunle Lafe.

The eaterie, established as a not-for-profit enterprise by Mr Lafe and his wife Josephine, is situated close to the Northgate entrance of the retail centre.

Mr Lafe said: “Business is really good and my wife and I are thoroughly enjoying it but things could have been so different.

I had been working for quite some time as a personal assistant to a very successful and busy healing evangelist who recently decided to move out of the area. I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I move with them or should I try to find something else?

That’s when I believe Jesus gave me the answer to my predicament. I suddenly knew I had to stay. I took advice, we set up a not-for-profit business and then I found the ideal location for Oasis of Miracles here at the Forum.

Although this is a Christian business complete with lots of Christian booklets, gifts and publications for visitors, we don’t push our Christian views, but we are always happy to answer questions and pray. Oasis of Miracles puts the customer’s comfort first. Our aim is all about giving a quality service to our clients.”

Mrs Lafe added: “Oasis of Miracles is a bright and comfortable cafe where we serve drinks and snacks in a pleasant location. We truly believe our customers come first and that’s why we have a small team of volunteers to assist when we get busy. We also believe we serve the best coffee and hot chocolate in Chester!”

Forum Centre Manager Lawrence Allen said: “We are delighted to welcome Kunle and his wife Josephine to the Forum. I’m sure they will do very well.”

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