A huge selection of Christian themed gifts,trinkets,jewelery,prints, cards and ornaments to perfectly enrich your life with Biblical quotes.As we do not take orders by phone or electronically at present,please call into the cafe in person to see the full collection of inspiring gifts for your home or a present for someone dear to you.

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New addition to our selection of affordable gifts.Seven different colours of fine quality pens with the Oasis contact details and declaration 

"JESUS  CHRIST   IS               LORD"

We are offering these at our very special  price of only £1.99

Grab a couple next time you're in.

A Christian acapella and live music band based in Jinja, Uganda. We sing in concerts, weddings and all kinds of parties. Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus through the joy and hope of our music. The songs on this album are in English and Ugandan (Luganda and Swahili)

We are offering this ,our first C.D. at a cost of £3 each. All monies raised will be used to further our ministry to the Glory of God.

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