Welcome to The Oasis of Miracles.

Kunle ,Jo and the staff here are delighted to be back in business after our absence.

We are now open again for the great quality brews,snacks and cakes,as well as all the amazing  gifts,cards and Christian literature.

We are ,of course still offering   prayer, prophetic words and ministry whilst observing goverment   guidelines.

Please note our temporary opening times(10.00 til 4.00),normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

                                                       We would love to see you soon.


After a few trial runs we can now offer you a look into the live Wednesday morning worship and prayer time of the Oasis Cafe.If you use Facebook please feel free to join us as we praise the name of Jesus with music and song and listen to the Word in prayer and testimony.

Live feed starts at 8.00 am.See live and past videos by clicking on the link below.

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Coffee Shop - Bookshop - Gift Shop

Prayer - Healing - Prophecy

Jesus is still healing and performing miracles today

Over the past few years many people have crossed the threshold of the Cafe doors and a number of those have had their lives significantly changed by the power of prayer in Jesus name.Many have come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour whereas previously they had only known 'about' Him.

Oasis of Miracles is a Christian book shop, gift shop and cafe located at the Forum Shopping Centre in the beautiful city of Chester, England.

Opening Times

Tue - Sat : 9am - 5pm 


For I will restore you to health

And I will heal you of your wounds,’ declares the Lord

- Jeremiah 30:17

Healing received

I was collapsing without warning, it was happening that much I started to wear a pink rugby helmet to protect my head, had lots of investigation from Neurologist and heart DR's, didn't know what it was, lots of prayer from church and Oasis of Miracles.


One day in February of last year, I went to the cafe and Kunle said enough was enough, he prayed again and when I went in again he had a word from God, he prayed and haven't collapsed since. The word was" this is doing my head in", so I renounced it. You have to be very careful of what you say over yourself. ​


The words"this is doing my head in" which this lady had spoken over herself were like a curse ,and in renouncing it had placed it under God's authority .

God is good.


Christian Books


We have an amazing selection of new Bibles and Christian books covering a whole range of subjects.Take your time and browse through the different Bible versions,commentaries and all sorts of faith related writings by many well known Christian authors.

Christian Gifts

A huge selection of Christian themed gifts,trinkets,jewellery,prints, cards and ornaments to perfectly enrich your life with Biblical quotes.As we do not take orders by phone or electronically at present,please call into the cafe in person to see the full collection of inspiring gifts for your home or a present for someone dear to you.

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Unit 5, The Forum Shopping Centre, Chester, CH1 2BY 

Tel: 01244 950156

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Opening Times

Tue - Sat : 10am - 4pm 

Should you have any need for prayer for yourself or someone dear to you, whether it be for healing, finances, relationships or your own personal walk with Jesus, we would be privileged to pray for you.

Prayer Requests